Prof. (Dr.) V.K. Rai



Victor Hugo, the renowned 19th century French philosopher foresightedly pronounced that "He who opens a school-door, closes a prison." Ignorance, in all classical learning is listed as a serious disease, and to eradicate its black clouds, the masters of our social fabrics established the schools and colleges. The genesis of this temple of learning very much bears the similar spirit.

I am very glad to welcome you all to this lively premises. The institution we represent is a workshop of its own kind with an aim to unlock and unfold the talents and singularities of the promising youth; and to inspire and enable them, in the brighter parts of life, to serve the society and the country as well as responsible citizens of tomorrow.

We are committed to work together with the young students to assist them by all possible means to design their career & growth, and create the academic and cultural perfection and involve the ignited minds to cope with the challenging scenario.
Pursuant to the National Education Policy (NEP)-2020, we undertake to go through the indefatigable industry to realize the objectives of the policy in all practical purposes. We possess the high-class infrastructure and atmosphere with various faculties and courses, i.e., Faculty of Languages, Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities, and Commerce, paving way to the Quality Education and Co-curricular & Vocational Courses leading to the true worth of knowledge and education.

We, as an institution of higher education re-affirm our commitment to guide and channelise the talents of young students, and with the true spirit of the slogan - Tamso-ma-jyotirgamaya (from darkness to light), we would surely succeed to accomplish the destined goals - "To strike, to seek, to find and not to yield."