Internal Quality Assurance Cell


As per the UGC Regulations- 2018 Clause VII :

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) shall be established in all the
universities / colleges as per the UGC / NAAC guidelines with the Vice-Chancellor as
chairperson (in case of universities), and Principal as chairperson (in case of colleges).
The IQAC shall act as the documentation and record-keeping cell for the institution,
including assistance in the development of
Assessment Criteria and Methodology Proforma
according to the NAAC guidelines.


Name & Designation


1 Pro. (Dr.) V K Rai, Principal & Professor Chair-person
2 Pro. A N Rai, Associate Professor Vice-Chairperson
3 Pro. A K Rai, Associate Professor Member
4 Dr. K N Chaturvedi, Associate Professor Member
5 Dr. Vishal Singh, Assistant Professor Member
6 Ms. Saumya Verma, Assistant Professor Member
7 Dr. Deo Prakash Rai, Assistant Professor Member
8 Dr. Vilok Singh Secy/Co-ordinator